All You Need To Know About King Size Beds

King Sized Bed

The King-sized bed frame hasn’t been around for a long time. It only goes back to the 1950s when parents around the world realized they needed more space to sleep with their kids in bed. But actually, it was a marketing strategy! Mattress companies realized that if it were made, then people would definitely buy such a thing since it was a new concept, and they were right. Far better than the twin, double, and even the queen-sized bed, the king-size bed frame, stretches an impressive 78″ x 74″, which is a lot of space for jumping around.

Advantages of using King Sized Beds:

Under the bed:

                             Its apparent people would look for things to fit under the bed as it already would take a lot of storage due to its enormous size, but to save that massive pain for yourself, you can invest in folding drawers that can fit right under the King-sized bed. They are uniform with the rest of your bedroom furniture, giving the entire space a better, grown-up feel.

Strategic side tables:

                                    Too often, the bedside table is treated as a junk drawer. Spare change and some library books or broken chargers all of these odd and not very useful things to collect in the unassuming and undeserving drawer of your bedside table. Think for a while what else you could fit in these drawers if they weren’t occupied with nonsense or such useless stuff. Consider what this space could be used for if it wasn’t occupied with these useless things. There are many possibilities to use it, and the king-sized bed offers a lot of space for doing that.

Dresser in the closet:

                                           A king-sized bed frame is going to occupy a lot of space inside your room. While you could have succeeded in fitting your dresser along the wall if you had a queen-sized bed, but the extra inches from the king-sized bed make it kind of tricky to have your extra storage too. To overcome this problem, you can try moving your dresser inside your closet. This way, you get to use up the lower portion free space of closet space and keep all the hanging items organized and dust-free. You also have the advantage of hanging on your dresser until you can either move to a larger room or reorganize the space you have.


                         Upgrading to a king-sized bed frame is a luxury that boosts your home from being a house to being a castle. Ensure you have enough space to accommodate the extra inches occupied by the king-sized bed frame by getting ahead of your storage needs. You can clear some space by donating old items, reshuffling your existing storage plan, and also getting tricky with your current space. These are the most effective ways for you to enjoy your king-sized bed frame without feeling overwhelmed with extra things taking up all your storage. Also, if you’re interested in buying one, you can check out

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